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    Why Choose WordPress?


    WordPress is the most popular website management platform today. It is free. It is well known. In case you want to delegate the website management task to anybody else, it is easy to find web designers and web developers who know how to use WordPress. It has a lot of features. It is very flexible. There are a lot of plugins that help you achieve any effect that you want. Also, there are a lot of themes available for WordPress which make it easy to start developing a website with the graphics ready. With the use of the Yoast SEO plugin, it is very easy to optimize the site for SEO.

    Our WordPress Websites


    We build great looking websites using WordPress. Our websites are fast and efficient. We design them from scratch so they look unique. We do not use templates or themes. We also build these websites faster than any other company. We work with our clients to determine the look and feel of the site and decide what content goes on the website, what will be the pages on the site and what copy and images to use. We build the website so it is responsive, loads fast, and looks great on all mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

    Our WordPress Development Cost


    We usually include the cost of website development in our SEO package. We design and develop the website as part of your general marketing strategy. We believe that a website alone with no online marketing plan that goes along with it is not enough. In order to get traffic to the website, you have to use some kind of online marketing service. The best options are SEO, PPC, SMM, and email marketing. We can build you a package using all of these options or a combination of 2 or 3 options. That way you will be able to drive quality traffic that converts.

    If you think that your business can use a great-looking WordPress website, do not hesitate, contact us today!


    We have developed hundreds of websites using WordPress and keep maintaining them and adding features and updating the plugins. Become one of our satisfied customers and start a website project with us.

    Free Consultation

    We will show you how WordPress works and demonstrate its features and admin area interface. We will answer any questions you have regarding this platform.

    Experienced Developers

    Our team has built hundreds of sites using different coding languages. We have experience with PHP (which WordPress uses), ASP, HTML, CSS and Java Script.

    Talented Designers

    Our graphic designers are skilled and talented in web design and create great looking sites. We design all our websites from scratch.

    Responsive Design

    We design our websites so they look beautiful on mobile devices as well as desktops and tablet screens.

    The Benefits of Building a WordPress Website With Us

    Pixel Perfect

    Pixel Perfect

    Our WordPress websites are designed in a way that looks great on all devices and on all browsers. All elements look clear and aligned properly.

    Daily Backups

    Daily Backups

    We backup your site on a daily basis so in case you want to roll it back a few days or a few weeks for whatever reason, you can.

    Frequent Updates

    Frequent Updates

    WordPress comes up with a new version every few months. We make sure you are on the latest version. We also update the plugins every time there is a new update.

    Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    We install the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress in order to protect your website from hacks and malware. In addition, we enable 2 factor authentication to make sure only authorized users can access your admin area.

    Blazing Fast

    We design your site in a way that is light and loads fast. We optimize the code, CSS, Java-Script, and images for fast loading. We also use CDN services to speed up the serving of the site’s files.

    SEO Plugin

    SEO Plugin

    We use the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast. We make sure to fill up the meta tags using Yoast and check that the SEO score on every page is good.

    Start Working With Khabolo on Your WordPress Website


    It’s time to take advantage of the power of WordPress.

    Our Working Philosophy

    We believe in constant effort to grow and get better. We constantly strive to learn about new developments in the advertising world and implement new technologies to improve our clients’ campaigns


    Who We Are?

    We are a team of professional and well-trained people who want to help others make a name in the online world. 


    What We Do?

    We help people rank on Google search results, and we also help them make their presence felt on social media.


    How Do We Do It?

    We analyze the client’s website before taking any steps. After analyzing the website, we do competitor research to help you meet the market requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is your rate for monthly SEO services?

    Our packages start from $500. Depending on your target keywords and locations we will build a custom package for you.

    Do you guarantee 1st page rankings in Google?

    Yes, we guarantee that if you work with us you will get ranked on the first page of Google in multiple keywords.

    Do I need to sign a contract with you?

    Yes, SEO is a long time commitment and takes a long time to start seeing results. Our contracts start from 6 months term.

    What is your specialty?

    Our specialty is SEM=PPC=Google Ads. We believe in immediate results and a quick return on investment. We excel in creating traffic that converts using great paid ads.


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    Khabolo is the best online marketing agency in Cardiff, New Jersey. We specialize in paid advertising on Google and Facebook.

    We are committed to your success. With Khabolo, you won’t be disappointed. We guarantee results.