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    You’re Going to Reap Just What You Sow


    Khabolo believes you get what you pay for.
    There isn’t such a thing as free traffic.
    In order to make money online you’re gonna have to pay either to an SEO expert to rank your site in the organic search results section or to Google or Facebook.
    PPC lets you control and measure how much you spend in order to get your ad in front of the right customer and how much revenue you are generating thanks to that ad. The results are fast and you can see immediately what’s working and what is not. You can stick to what’s working and get rid of ads that don’t perform well. After you know what works, it is easy to scale fast and cover more areas, keywords and demographics. It is easy to setup conversion tracking and measure ROI and ROAS.
    With PPC you can target a lot more keywords and areas much faster.

    Why Is It Dangerous to Rely on Organic Traffic Only?


    Khabolo believes it is not safe to put all your eggs in one basket.
    While organic traffic is a great way to generate leads and revenue to your business, it is too dangerous to have it the one and only source of revenue. We have seen numerous cases of sites that were doing well in the search results and all of a sudden lost their rankings and disappeared from the first page. That can happen due to a lot of reasons: algorithm changes, penalties because of bad SEO tactic, malware or competition ranking higher.
    We also noticed that organic search results are becoming less prominent in the search result page showing only after Google Guarantee, Ads and maps results. As a result, click through rates are lower, especially if you are not in the top 3 (which is very hard to get to if you are not Yelp).
    It is just too risky to rely on organic traffic only because of all these unexpected changes. You may find yourself one day out of the 1st page, with no other sources of traffic that converts.

    Why Choose Khabolo as Your PPC Campaign Manager?


    Khabolo’s best strength is PPC. Khabolo has experience in building successful campaigns in highly competitive fields and locations. Khabolo uses a granular approach to achieve great results.
    We have unique ways of building the ads, the ad groups, the landing pages, bidding and optimizing the campaigns for maximum return on investment. Khabolo is very dedicated and relentless: he won’t stop and settle until he reaches a point where the campaign is performing incredibly.
    Now is a great time to start a PPC campaign. A lot of competitors are not advertising now which makes the cost per click lower and the conversion rate higher because you are one of the few who are offering what the consumer is looking for. Take advantage of this great opportunity to start working with Khabolo.

    Khabolo Offers Advertising Campaign Management in Leading PPC Platforms


    We do not limit ourselves to Google Ads and Facebook, we also manage Bing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest ads.

    Twitter Advertising

    Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social media sites in the world. Take advantage of its PPC platform to get your voice heard by your target audience.

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook ads are the most talked about subject in the advertising world. The platform is very versatile and a lot of advertisers reach great results with it.

    Instagram Advertising

    Instagram is a great choice as an advertising platform if your target audience is young adults. Connect with your customers & launch ads that drive results.

    Bing Advertising

    Pricing that works for you – set your budget, no min spend & only pay for action. Don’t miss out on millions of searchers. Get more for less cost.

    Google Advertising

    Google Ads is the biggest, strongest and best PPC advertising platform today. It’s the #1 go to resource for anyone searching for a service or a product.

    What Makes Khabolo the Best Google Ads Agency in Houston?

    Khabolo never gives up and doesn’t rest until he finds the path to success. Khabolo will find a way to bring you great results where others have failed.

    Customer Collaboration

    From the moment we come aboard we take things seriously as if we were your partner. We collaborate with you exchanging information in order to come up with an awesome plan.

    Keyword Research

    We will hear from you what are the keywords and terms customers use to find you and also use tools by Google and other resources to compile a list of targeted keywords.

    Landing Page Optimization

    Khabolo doesn’t send all your PPC traffic to your homepage. We create a custom landing page for each ad in order to keep the messaging and offer consistent.

    Traffic Monitoring

    Khabolo knows your competition clicks on your ads in order to deplete your daily budget. We use advanced technology to make sure all the traffic you are paying for is legit.

    Start Working With Khabolo on Your PPC Advertising


    It’s time to take advantage of the power of PPC.

    Our Working Philosophy

    We believe in constant effort to grow and get better. We constantly strive to learn about new developments in the advertising world and implement new technologies to improve our clients’ campaigns


    Who We Are?

    We are a team of professional and well-trained people who want to help others make a name in the online world. 


    What We Do?

    We help people rank on Google search results, and we also help them make their presence felt on social media.


    How Do We Do It?

    We analyze the client’s website before taking any steps. After analyzing the website, we do competitor research to help you meet the market requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is your rate for monthly SEO services?

    Our packages start from $500. Depending on your target keywords and locations we will build a custom package for you.

    Do you guarantee 1st page rankings in Google?

    Yes, we guarantee that if you work with us you will get ranked on the first page of Google in multiple keywords.

    Do I need to sign a contract with you?

    Yes, SEO is a long time commitment and takes a long time to start seeing results. Our contracts start from 6 months term.

    What is your specialty?

    Our specialty is SEM=PPC=Google Ads. We believe in immediate results and a quick return on investment. We excel in creating traffic that converts using great paid ads.


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    Khabolo is the best online marketing agency in Houston, Texas. We specialize in paid advertising on Google and Facebook.

    We are committed to your success. With Khabolo, you won’t be disappointed. We guarantee results.